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Why use an Engineering Consultant?

Consultants are often overlooked by many companies due to the perceived costs involved but why shouldn't you use one?

Consultants bring a wealth of experience to your team and can provide short term boosts at critical points on your project. 

Maybe you just need to catch up on some reviews? Or need another pair of eyes to look over the direction you are taking. A few days of a Consultants time can pay dividends in the long run. And they're not a long term investment.


With wide experience in projects we can provide a FEED service to help you in the design choices for your project.

Working to the old age mantra of KISS, Keep It Simple, we endeavour to design to the simplest and easiest to build, install and maintain systems that we can but which still fully meets the project needs. We will provide an honest opinion on componentry. Why use a Rolls Royce solution when a good mid-range solution works as well?



Building on either our own, or another Companys', FEED documentation we work with the Client to end up with the most appropriate design for the task. 

We will challenge design choices made when we see either a better solution or no need for complications. We strive to ensure that it meets all standards whilst achieving the best ROI for the project.  


Wirth a long track record of onsite and offshore intervention, fault finding & maintenance/repair and testing we can provide detailed inspection and testing services for clients. 

With experience working around the globe we are ready to take on your tasks wherever they are.


We can offer a service from document production, tech authoring and proof reading on a wide variety of documents.

With experience in producing requirements, design and testing documents through complete real time software projects we can offer a level of service that will increase your documentation standards and therefore the quality of the product. 

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