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Why use a Consultant at all?

Consultants are often overlooked by many companies due to the perceived costs involved but why should you use one?

Do you think they're expensive? At first glance, maybe. But peel apart the cost/benefit onion and have a look under the hood. They're not that much more, if any, and you have no training costs, no long term costs and are not saddled with extra staff once the project is completed. 


Consultants are usually regarded as experts in their chosen area and can provide knowledge that may be lacking within your organization or simply to reinforce your existing team.

We bring more to the table than many others having a large diverse engineering background with experience in hydraulics, electrics, software, design, maintenance, testing and generally SYSTEMS. 



Some may perceive the cost of a Consultant as high and not a cost they can bear.

But - you only employ them for the duration of a project or succinctly defined scope of work. They may come in every day for a period of time. They may only work when called upon to.

There should be no additional overhead costs associated with them. Their rate covers their own insurances and any benefits they give themselves. You are not required to pay them benefits, holidays, sickness, pension etc.


And if there is no work? Simply let them go. No need to maintain staff numbers high in a cyclic environment.

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