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Outstanding Results

With recent investment in SolidWORKS Premium and a 3D printer we can provide a short and efficient method to prototype your thoughts.

Provide a sketch or even a precis of your thoughts and we can turn that into a 3D model in SolidWORKS. We can assist you to build an assembly in SolidWORKS to judge whether your design fits together well or even into an existing design.

Within the caveats of FDM printing we can then turn that soft model into a real model that you can see, feel and touch. A much better experience than a piece of paper. 

Or you may even have a model that you would like printed? One you have designed? Or even fetched from the Internet. Again, within the limits of the printer, we can print that for you.

Note: We are not structural engineers so cannot provide you with structural drawings directly. We will provide basic model and dimensional drawings along with renderings. But, we can have them done for you. 

See Below for some examples of what we have done.

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